The Audio Lab 



            You have a Home Theater System  with a good quality Surround Sound

         Processor. DVD'S, CD'S and high definition cable or satellite sound very

         good. Blu-ray is awesome!


         How about iPod........not so good, the audio is compressed, sound

         quality is inferior. But you love the convenience and storage capabilities.


         Now you can have it all. With the Wadia i 170 Transport all the compression

         is gone and the digital quality is restored. Sounds like your quality CD'S!!


        If you are a 2- channel audiophile with a great preamp, you can add the

        Musical Fidelity V-Dac and your listening to iPod like you never heard it




                               WELCOME  TO  GENERATION  LED


       Okay, we have LED lights, LED signs, and LED Tv's. Step up to the

             latest ...............LED overhead projectors!!!


         Runco and Sim2 has done it again. Imagine a world class overhead

         projector with no bulb to replace, no moving color wheel and LED's

         that will last for 30,000 hours.


        But wait......LED's reproduce colors so rich, so intense, so real, it

        really is the next gen.


                                  CHECK  IT  OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!